Dial into the digital world


From any room in your home or anywhere in the world, Working Radius helps you gain control of your space. You’ll get simple, easy to use control of home theater, high definition television, music, lighting, temperature, security, and digital entertainment.



Today's unique lifestyles means homeowners need to gain control of their space. The ability to interface with their home and its components from any room in the house or anywhere in the world will exponentially increase their "working radius."


Working Radius, formerly Structured Technologies, uses design, technology and installation expertise to remain at the forefront of the home automation industry.



From grandiose to intimate, from dream home to remodeled room, from basic home theater to high-end total automation systems — projects by Working Radius are designed to simplify, manage and control, with proven technology that is intuitive and easy to use.


Working Radius works with many premier custom home builders. Previous clients and builder references are available upon request.



Technology should be powerful, functional, a pleasure to use, and stay out of the way to let homeowners live and interact easily with their environment. The Working Radius select line of advanced technologies make up a collection of sophisticated, elegant and powerful components with specialized features, freeing homeowners to exercise complete control from any room in the house.

Luxury Residential Services

Multi-room Music


Different tunes for different rooms. Listen to satellite radio by the pool while the kids are enjoying their iPod® in the game room. View your entire collection of CDs, MP3s and other archived music on full-color touch screens. Sort by artist, genre or song, viewing each CD by its cover art and song lists.

Smart Lighting


Stimulate creativity and comfort during dinner preparation with the right lighting, temperature, and music. As you open pantry and cupboard doors, the lights turn on automatically. At dinner time, one button press channels soft music into the dining area and sets the scene with gentle accent lighting above the table.

One-Touch Home Theater


Visualize the convenience of a one-touch home theater system that seems to anticipate your every need. A custom designed touch screen sits next to your favorite chair. Press the button labeled “movie” and your entire theater system comes to life, providing you and your family many hours of entertainment.

High Definition Television


Less confusion, less remotes—more control. Movies on an HD DVD or Blu-Ray DVD player, games on a Playstation or Xbox 360, and HDTV programming from cable or satellite, all playing nicely together on a high definition television that’s controlled by one bi-directional remote with a back-lit LCD screen and fast wireless connection.

Safety & Security


From one centralized location such as a color touch screen on a bedside table or remotely via the Internet while away from home, homeowners can manage and control integrated security components such as door locks, security cameras, lights, thermostats, and alarms, leaving them feeling comfortable, safe and secure.

Digital Entertainment


Live the digital life in stylish simplicity. View email and browse the web, share photos, videos, movies, and the music on your iPod® — all brought together into a complete digital entertainment system. Enjoy your media from anywhere in the house, from the kitchen table to the master bathroom. Your digital life begins here.

Luxury Residential

Simple & Easy one-touch home control systems

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